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3 Tools for Increasing Spa Guest Retention


3 Tools for Increasing Spa Guest Retention

A schedule packed with repeat customers is sight for every spa owner’s sore eyes. We’d all like to think that our stellar service, welcoming atmosphere, and relaxing ambience is what keep our guests loyal, but the truth is that with so many businesses offering great services it’s necessary to go the extra mile to achieve customer loyalty. Repeat customers often spend more on treatments and, because they rate your spa’s services highly, become a valuable word-of-mouth marketing asset by recommending your business on social media platforms and to friends and family members. While your business will certainly need to customize its guest-retention strategy, I wanted to offer a few ideas about where to start. Here are three tools to experiment with.

  1. Get Personal
    If you want your guests to remain loyal to your business, treat them like loyal guests—not one-time customers. Remember names, faces, and personal details. Take notes detailing your client’s preferences regarding how her hair is cut, or the pressure she prefers during massages. Remembering names of children, professional titles, and other information (that has been shared with you by the client herself, of course) can also make your client feel valued and seen. Bring a glass of water and offer tea to every guest, every time. Discuss shared interests—or simply remain silent if your particular guest seems to prefer a quieter spa experience.
  2. Offer At-Home Tips
    One of the biggest turnoffs for customers—in any industry—is realizing that they cease being valuable to you the moment they leave your place of business. Offering tips for continued at-home care, products to try at home, and even ways to replicate the service you’ve offered themselves are all ways to make your guests feel fully taken care of. Doling out free advice isn’t just an after-massage practice; offer tips and tricks, links to articles, and product recommendations within your blog posts and social media content. Make sure you branch out, too. Don’t only recommend products that your business sells or link to your own business’ blog posts–mix it up!
  3. Practice Guest Appreciation
    As we noted, if you want loyal customers you’ll have to go the extra mile—and this includes extending financial incentives and perks. Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty with freebies and discounts. You can use a punch-card system, a regular best-guest discount, or a VIP program—anything that gives your guests a reason to come back for another visit.

What strategies has your spa successfully employed to retain its VIP guests?

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